PANELCRAFT Specialist Access Panels
Panelcraft Specialist Access Panels Panelcraft Specialist Access Panels

Panelcraft has developed a range of Specialist access panels to overcome more complex panel requirements, where the outer finish needs to blend further into your existing decor.
Constructed from premium quality Zintec steel for a corrosion-resistant finish.


  • Fire Rating

    Access Panels can be produced with a Fire Rating or without.

    When Do I need a Fire Rated Panel?

    A Fire rated access panel is required to maintain the structural integrity of the wall or ceiling that it is to be installed in, whilst at the same time functioning as an inspection or access point.

    It is important to ensure that the panel you are installing is at least of the same fire rating as the surrounding wall or ceiling.

    There are some scenarios where a residential building will require a Fire Rated panel, for both safety and insurance purposes, for instance in a garage. If in doubt, please check with the relevant building authority.

    Do I need a 1 or 2 hour Fire Rated Panel?

    This again, depends on individual situations, but for larger properties we highly recommend a 2-hour fire rating, allowing for a longer evacuation time during an unforeseen fire.

  • Delivery

    Delivery on Panelcraft bespoke made products can range from 5-10 working days for access panels and 10-14 days for Panelcraft loft hatches.

    Our bespoke made products are non returnable.
  • Sizes

    We are able to make most bespoke panels to any required size up to 2280mm x 1200mm, and 1700mm x 600mm for Riser Doors.

    Please view our Standard Products to see if we have a stock item that will suit your requirements first.
  • Frame Options

    Access Panels can be produced with two types of frames

    Picture Frame (PF)

    A solid metal frame, ideally suited for retro fitting into a prefinished wall or ceiling. The simple, non-obtrusive design allows for a neat finish

    Beaded Frame (BF)

    The beaded frame is designed to make for a more discreet finish, designed to be installed before the wall or ceiling finish has been applied, the frame can then be skimmed over allowing the panel to blend in.


The Tile Access Panels Door, Pivots On Stainless Steel Spring Hinges Which Allow The Door To Be Removed In Seconds Without The Need For Any Tools.

TILEPAN - Lift Out

This Product Has A Lift Out Door Which Is Located Into The Bottom Edge Of The Frame And Secured With Touch Catch Locks.

WALLPAPER - Touch Latch

A Very Neat Access Panel Which Is Designed To Be Finished With Wall Paper. The Hinged Door Is Secured With Twin Touch Catch Locks Which Aids Aesthetics.


A Perforated Door With 3mm Holes (At A 6mm Square Pitch), Which Enhances Airflow And/Or Aesthetics.


1-Hour Fire Rated electrity meter over boxes are designed to provide fire protection for meters inside buildings.


Designed To Maintain Insulation And Draught Proofing While Still Providing Rapid Access To Electricity Meters In Homes.

Discpan Picture Frame

The easiest panel of its type to fit and use. Comes with pre-drilled folding fixing tabs.

Discpan Beaded Frame

The easiest panel of its type to fit and use. Comes with pre-drilled folding fixing tabs.